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Publications - 2015


An Aging Workforce and the Future Labour Market in Canada

Wong, Lloyd, Susan McDaniel and Bonnie Watt

Canada in Sudan, Sudan in Canada: Immigration, Conflict and Reconstruction

Madibbo, Amal

Canada in Sudan, Sudan in Canada: Immigration, Conflict and Reconstruction

Madibbo, Amal

“Cancelled Dreams”: Family Reunification and Shifting Canadian Immigration Policy

Wong, Lloyd and Bronwyn Bragg

Contributions of IAF Loans to Economic and Social Integration of Skilled Immigrants

Wong, Lloyd, Hieu Van Ngo, Caroline Sommerfeld and Joji Kawaguchi

Fathering, Masculinity and the Embodiment of Care

Ranson, Gillian

Gender Differences in Perceived Domestic Task Equity: A Study of Professionals

Young, Marisa, Wallace, Jean and Polachek, Alicia

He Reads, She Reads: Gender Differences and Learning through Self-help Books

McLean, Scott and Kapell, Brandi

How Social Class Shapes Attitudes on Economic Inequality: The Competing Forces of Self-Interest and Legitimation

Curtis, Josh and Andersen, Robert

‘I Fit the Description’: Experiences of Social and Spatial Exclusion among Ghanaian Immigrant Youth in the Jane and Finch Neighbourhood of Toronto

Zaami, Mariama

Individual Autonomy or Social Engagement? Adult Learners in Neo-Liberal Times

McLean, Scott

Leisure and Positive Psychology: Linking Activities with Positiveness

Stebbins, Robert

Leisure and the Motive to Volunteer: Theories of Serious, Casual, and Project-Based Leisure.

Stebbins, Robert

L’état de la reconnaissance et la non-reconnaissance des acquis des immigrants africains francophones en Alberta

Madibbo, Amal

Public pedagogy from the learner’s perspective: Women reading self-help relationship books

Kapell, Brandi and McLean, Scott

Social Class, Economic Inequality and the Convergence of Policy Preferences: Evidence from 24 Modern Democracies

Curtis, Josh and Andersen, Robert

The Empirical Measurement of a Theoretical Concept: Tracing Social Exclusion among Racial Minority and Migrant Groups in Canada

Lightman, Naomi and Good Gingrich, Luann

The Interrelationship of Leisure and Play: Play as Leisure, Leisure as Play

Stebbins, Robert

The place of art: Local area characteristics and arts growth in Canada, 2001-2011

Patterson, Matt and Silver, Daniel

The Short Lifecycle of a Surgical Device: Literature Analysis Using McKinlay's 7-Stage Model

Ross, Sue, Ducey, Ariel and Robert, Magali

The Way Forward: African Francophone immigrants negotiate their multiple minority identities

Madibbo, Amal

'Third-Wave' Coffeehouses as Venues for Sociality: On Encounters between Employees and Customers

Manzo, John

Turning the Post-Industrial City into the Cultural City: The Case of Toronto's Waterfront.

Patterson, Matt and Silver, Daniel in

Unfair to Me or Unfair to my Spouse: Men's and Women's Perceptions of Domestic Equity and How They Relate to Mental and Physical Health

Polachek, A.J., and Wallace, Jean

Union Democracy as a Foundation for a Participatory Society: A Theoretical Elaboration and Historical Example

Langford, Tom

When Men Stay Home: Household Labor and Parenthood in Female-Led Families of Indian Migrant Nurses. in Barbara J. Risman and Virginia Rutter (eds.), Families as They Really Are. 2nd Edition. New York, NY: Norton.

Banerjee, Pallavi

With or Without a Therapist: Self-help Reading for Mental Health

McLean, Scott
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