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Gish, Jessica Ph.D.  Instructor, Department of Health, Aging & Society, McMaster University

Making Anti-Aging Cosmetic Enhancement Happen:  Empirical Stories about Patient Desire,, Objects, and the Working Practices of the Medical Cosmetic Enhancement Actor-Network.
Dr. Art Frank, Supervisor



Jovanovic, Alyssa Ph.D.  Clinical Quality Improvement Consultant, Alberta Health Services, Calgary Alberta Spousal Support for Physicians: do Occupational Similarity, Gender or Parental Status Matter?
Dr. Jean Wallace, Supervisor

Rahman, Zia Ph.D.  Associate Professor of Sociology, Dhaka University, Bangladesh Labour Unions and Labour Movements in the Readymade Garment Industry in Bangladesh in the Era of Globalization (1980-2009)
Dr. Thomas Langford, Supervisor

Rollwagen, Heather Ph.D.  Assistant Professor, Ryerson University, Toronto
Safe Places and Friendy Faces:  The Social Ecology of Perceptions of Crime and Social Control in Canadian Neighbourhoods.Dr. Erin Gibbs Van Brunschot, Supervisor


Voluntary Simplicity As An Urban Lifestyle:  Resisting A Consumer Economy.
Dr. R. Stebbins, Supervisor
Dumas, Steve Ph.D.  Instructor, University of Calgary
Reading the Play:  Interpreting Deviance in North American Ice Hockey
Dr. K Young, Supervisor
O'Connor, Christopher Ph.D.  University of Wisconsin, Superior
Young People in Fort McMurray:  An Examinations of Youth Transition
Dr. G. Ranson, Supervisor


Fogel, Curtis Ph.D. --  LakeHead University, Orillia Campus, Ontario
Discerning Consent on the Gridiron: Violence Hazing and Performance-Enhancing Drug Use in Canadian Football
Dr. R. Stebbins, Supervisor 
Godderis, Rebecca Ph.D. --  Assistant Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford Campus, Ontario
Managing Mad Mothers: Postpartum Depression and the Psychiatric Gaze
Dr. L. McCoy, Supervisor

Lahtinen, Markus Ph.D. -- Health Care Quality Analyst at the Health Quality Council of Alberta
Psychosocial Stress and Major Depression: A Comparative Analysis of Canadian Armed Forces Personnel and Members of the General Canadian Population
Dr. R. Wanner, Supervisor


Silverberg, Shane -- Ph.D. RBC Securities, London, Ontario
Employee Perceptuions and Organizational Commitment: An Exploratory Study
Dr. R. Stebbins, Supervisor



Keown, Leslie-Anne Ph.D. -- Research Data Center Hdqtrs, Ottawa
Personal Crime Preventions in Canada (1993-2004): An Exploration
Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot, Supervisor

Laliberte, Ronald Ph.D. -- Associate Professor Department of Native Studies, University of Saskatchewan
Why Move Aboriginal Labour In and Then Out? the Transition of Migrant Labour from Aboriginal to Mexican Workers in Southern Alberta's Sugar Beet Industry.

 Laurendeau, Jason Ph.D. -- Depaartment of Sociology, University of Lethbridge
"In Defense of Mother Earth": A Radical Environmentalism, Moral Regulations, and Ecotage
Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot, Supervisor




Dixit, Jaya
Expert Appetite
Supervisor:  Dr. Liza McCoy

Gerber, Brittany
Horses, Entertainment and Sport
Supervisor:  Dr. Kevin Young

Huizinga, Anne -- Office Manager, Beltline Communities
The Sociological Implications of Building Up
Supervisor:  Dr. Harry Hiller 

Kelly, Jeanine -- Researcher, Vecova Centre for Disability Services and Research
A 'Controversial' Decision
Supervisor:  Dr. Ariel Ducey

Louie, Christine
Legal Change Through a Charter Challenge
Supervisor:  Dr. Augustine Brannigan 

McEwen, Krista
The Embodied Work of Professional Dancers: Understandings of Pain, Injury and Health
Dr. Kevin Young

McGeachy, Emma
Casting Doubt?  An Exploration of Newsprint Representations of Sexual Assault
Dr. Erin Gibbs Van Brunschot

Nerlien, Tamara
Specialization Among High-Risk Offenders
Supervisor: Dr. Erin Gibbs Van Brunschot

Polachek, Alicia -- Research Associate, Ward of the 21st Century, Faculty of Medicine
Gender and the Division of Household Labour
Supervisor:  Dr. Jean Wallace



Barron, Gary  (Ph.D Student, University of Alberta)
Dangerous Balancing Acts: The Politics and Ethics of the Alberta Mental Health Act
Dr. Ariel Ducey, Supervisor
Couture, Josee 
The Casino Problem: Media Constructions of First Nations Gaming in Alberta
Dr. Cora Voyageur, Supervisor

Henwood, Scott, (Instructor, Bow Valley College)
Making Casinos Happen:  an Exploration of Nonprofit Participation in Alberta Casino Gambling.
Dr. Liza McCoy, Supervisor

Kamal, Ali 
The Rise of Contemporary Islamic Fundamentalism and its Causes: Case Study of Sudan and Pakistan.
Dr. Amal Madibbo, Supervisor

Kerluke, Brittni  (Foundation Coordinator - Trico Charitable Foundation) 
If You Hunt Good Enough You'll Find It: The Well-being of Urban Aboriginal Seniors in the Calgary Region.
Dr. Cora Voyageur, Supervisor

McKeown, Donald 
More Than Just a Game?  A Subcultural Journey through the 'Sport' of Rock Paper Scissors.
Dr. Kevin Young, Supervisor

Sommerfeld, Caroline  (Consultant, Sitka Management Consultants)
Factors in the Development of a Sense of Belonging to Country:  A Comparison of Canadian and Australian Immigrants.
Dr. Lloyd Wong, Supervisor

Soveran, Leah
Empowerment and Conformity:  An Ethnography of a Bridge-to-Work Program for Immigrant Women
Dr. Liza McCoy, Supervisor
Wong, Holly  (Community Outreach Worker, Elizabeth Fry Society)
Becoming a Mother in Prison and Beyond: An Alternative to the Mother-Child Program
Dr. Gillian Ranson, Supervisor


Budd, Jamie
Is There Enough?  Managing Family Finances and hte Expereince of Financial Strain in Middle-Income Families.
Dr. A. Gauthier, Supervisor

Manji, Raheela
The Ineffectiveness of Employment Equity Programs in Canada
Dr. A. Madibbo, Supervisor

Rinquist, Lena
Comfortable Risk:  An Analysis of the Gambling Participation of Older Women
Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot, Supervisor
Romano, Silvana
Selling Innocence:  A Sociological Analysis of Internet Child Pornography and Internet Luring
Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot, Supervisor
Turley, Nate
The Face of Privacy:  An Exploratory Study of Young and Older Facebook Users
Dr. J. Manzo, Supervisor
Zajko, Michael, Ph.D. Student, University of Alberta
Contested Sceince in Global Warming
Dr. A. Brannigan, Supervisor

Burk, Alison, Administrative Assistant, Office of the Provost, University of Calgary
Caring on the Job: Emotional labour, Gender and the Work of Long-Term Care Aides.
Dr. G. Ranson, Supervisor
de Grood, Jill, Research Associate, Ward of the 21st Century, Foothills Medical Centre
In Sickness and in Health: A Test of Karasek's Job Demand-Control-Support Model
Dr. J. Wallace, Supervisor
DeGusti, Berenice
Work-to-Family and Work-to-Parent Conflict: A Study of Male and Female Lawyers' Demands and Resources
Dr. J. Wallace, Supervisor
Harrison, Emily  Project Manager, Foreign Credential Recognition of the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council in Ottawa
Policy to Practice: Challenging Perceptions of Canadian Refugee Doctrine
Dr. L. Wong, Supervisor
Kwawu, Yvonne
Remittances from Ghanaian Immigrants in Calgary: Stories from Afar
Dr. L. Wong, Supervisor
Nwankwo, Chinelo, Analyst Statistics Canada
Does Racial Identity Matter? Exploring Implications for Educational Attainment Among Second Generation Black Canadians of Caribbean Descent
Dr. L. Wong, Supervisor
Talbot, Stephanie
Making the Cut: Male Circumcision: HIV/AIDS Prevention, and the Production of a Scientific Fact
Dr. A. Ducey, Supervisor


Brown, Angela
Harry Potter and the Gender Structure: Exploring Gender in 'The Goblet of Fire'
Dr. R. Stebbins, Supervisor

Jegen, Dominika, MD Student, University of Calgary
A Comparative Analysis of Pharmaceutical Safety Withdrawals in Canada and the United States: Implications for Current Regulatory Thinking and Policy
Dr. A. Ducey, Supervisor 

Joudrey, Allan
Lawyers and Depression: Leisure Matters
Dr. J. Wallace, Supervisor
Luft, Christine, Research Analyst, Malatest & Associates
Meeting Online Friends: Personal Relationships in the 21st Century
Dr. R. Stebbins, Supervisor
Potts, Jesse, Research Quality Analyst, SQM, Kelowna
Imitation and Authenticity:  An Analysis of Aboriginal Rap Music in Alberta
Dr. J. Manzo, Supervisor
Quinlan, Andrea
Assembling Legal Truths: DNA and the Enactment of Rape Case Evidence
Dr. A. Frank, Supervisor


Babich, Kristina, Ph.D Student, University of Saskatchewan
The Dividend Canadian Welfare State: Turning Points in the Development of the Canada Pension Plan (1951-1965)
Dr. D. Béland, Supervisor

Carter, Rebecca, Research and Evaluation Consultant, Health Systems and Workforce Research Unit, Alberta Health Services (Calgary Zone)
The Clients of Street Prostitutes: Common Men or Criminals? Evidence of Two Distinct Behavioural Clusters in the Client Population
Dr. A. Brannigan, Supervisor

Egan, Amy, Senior Research Manager, Vision Critical
Dressing Up Terrorism: A Media Analysis of Women's Involvement in Terrorism
Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot, Supervisor

Esselmont, Christopher, Ph.D. Student, University of CalgaryAn Empirical Test of Self-Control and Psychology in the Explanation of Self-Reported Crime: Evidence from the Add Health Survey
Dr. A. Brannigan, Supervisor

Gehlen, Kristin
Behind the Muscle: An Exploratory Investigation of the Occupational Subculture of Nightclub "Bouncers'
Dr. R. Stebbins, Supervisor
Kaye, Julie, Ph.D. Student, Sociology, University of Saskatchewan, Coordinator: Action Coalition on Human Trafficking (ACT Alberta), Calgary
The Politics of Ethnicity in West Africa: Conflict and Reconstruction in Northern Ghana
Dr. D. Béland, Supervisor
Knott, Crystal
Battered But Not Broken: Exploring Aboriginal Women & Intimate Partner Abuse
Dr. J. Frideres, Supervisor
Lindholm, Lark, Teaching Enhancement Program (TEP instructor), Teaching & Learning Centre, University of Calgary
A Sense of Community: Volunteers in Community-Justice Partnerships
Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot, Supervisor
Pow, Jody
Strain and Intimate Partner Violence
Dr. E. Gibbs Van Brunschot, Supervisor
Young, Marissa, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Sociology, University of Toronto
Gender and Productivity: A Study of Law Firm Lawyers
Dr. J. Wallace, Supervisor


Honours Summit

Sociology 2015 Honours Summit announcement
April 14, 2015
9am – 5pm
Presentations 9-12; 1:30-3:30
Reception 3:30-5:00