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Graduate Student Research Symposium (GSRS)

Submitted by sandra.grills2 on Mon, 09/19/2016 - 9:20am

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Graduate Student Research Symposium 2016/17






March 9 & 10 2017

Hosted by the Sociology Graduate Student Caucus, University of Calgary

Presentations: Cassio Room, MacEwan Hall

THEME: What does progress look like?

Stemming from the 2016 US Presidential election, the discussion of progress and social change illuminate the political stage. We ask, is the US experiencing progress with, what could have been, the first ever woman president, or, does the fact that Donald Trump won contradict the notion of progress? Is it progress just because Hillary Clinton is a woman that was nominated and if so, what does that mean? The word progress is of course ambiguous, but that is also the point. If as social scientists, behavioural scientists, geographers, nurses, city planners, and everyone in between want to contribute and experience social change, then how do we know what progress is? In the case of evidence-based policy for example, it can be argued that the knowledge produced is socially constructed to a certain degree, so how do we make progress even in the case of evidence-based research? For the Graduate Student Research Symposium 2017, we invite graduate students to think about what progress means for them and their discipline, and to contemplate what progress looks like. 


The sessions include theory and economics, gender, education, social justice and criminology, health and health care, urban planning, and history and culture.

This interdisciplinary event includes presenters from Sociology, Social Work, Education, Environmental Design, Classics and Religion, Nursing, and Communications, Medial, and Film. 

We invite you to come support, network, and learn from your fellow graduate students from the University of Calgary!

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The Sociology graduate students at the University of Calgary host the Graduate Student Research Symposium as part of the Sociology Graduate Student Caucus mandate. Starting in 2004, the purpose of the symposium is to provide an opportunity for: interdisciplinary networking, peer support, research development, and encourages a safe place for practicing presentations and receiving feedback. The symposium is interdisciplinary with graduate students presenting from Nursing, Engineering, History, Communications, Military Studies, and Education, with a range of topics including health, technology, culture, religion, crime and deviance, and environmental studies. The symposium has been heavily supported by faculty in the Sociology department, with several supervisors of other disciplines attending as well to support their students.