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Meet the Co-Editors -

Dr. Lloyd Wong


Lloyd Wong is an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Calgary. His research interests include transnationalism; immigration; citizenship; racism & ethnic discrimination; and immigrants in the new economy. Recent articles appear in International Journal, Hommes & Migrations, Canadian Journal for Social Research, and Journal of Chinese Overseas. Recent book chapters appear in Race and Racism in 21st-Century Canada: Continuity, Complexity, and Change; Sport and Migration: Borders, Boundaries and Crossings; Researching Amongst Elites: Challenges andOpportunities in Studying Up; and Mobilities, Knowledge and Social Justice.

Dr. Shibao Guo

Shibao Guo is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary. His research focuses on citizenship and immigration, Chinese immigrants in Canada, ethnic relations, comparative and international education, and adult and lifelong education. He has numerous publications, including books, journal articles, and book chapters. He is past co-president of the Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education (2009-2011) and a former Associate Editor of the Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education (2008-2011). Recently he was appointed Member of the Independent Network of Labour Migration and Integration Experts (LINET) at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Brussels; Member of the Expert Advisory Committee of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China.

Editors Emeriti

Dr. Natalia Aponiuk

  Natalia Aponiuk, Ph.D., is associate professor of Slavic Studies at the University of Manitoba; inaugural director of the Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies at the University; and past-president of the Canadian Ethnic Studies Association.

Dr. James Frideres - 2003-2006 - University of Calgary

  Dr. James Frideres, Ph.D., is professor of Sociology; holder of the Chair in Canadian Ethnic Studies; and head, Indigenous Studies, University of Calgary; past editor, CES/EEC.

Dr. Anthony Rasporich and Dr. James Frideres - 1979-2003 - University of Calgary


Dr. Howard Palmer - 1976-1979 - University of Calgary


Dr. Alexander Malycky and Dr. Howard Palmer - 1973-1975 - University of Calgary


Dr. Alexander Malycky - 1969-1972 - University of Calgary

Review Editors

Dr. Tamara Seiler

  Tamara Palmer Seiler is Professor Ermitus, Canadian Studies, Faculty of Communication and Culture, University of Calgary.  A Past President of CESA, her research and teaching interests include literary representations of immigrant and ethnic experience, multiculturalism and the history and culture of the North American West.

Dr. Evangelia Tastsoglou

  Evangelia Tastsoglou is Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology and Criminology at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is also a faculty member of theInternational Development Studies (IDST) Program, the Women's Studies Program, and theGraduate Program in Women and Gender Studies. Since 2001, she has been a board member of the Canadian Ethnic Studies Association.  Her research interests include: Critical Race, Gender and Class Studies; Gender and Ethnicity; Gender and International Migration; Immigrant Women; Critical, Feminist and Anti-Racist Pedagogies; Diversity and Globalization; Diasporas.

Editorial Board

Dr. Yasmeen Abu-Laban

  Yasmeen Abu-Laban is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Alberta, and a Research Affiliate of the Prairie Metropolis Centre.  Her research focuses on the Canadian and comparative dimensions of gender and ethnic politics, nationalism, globalization and processes of racialization, immigration policies and politics, and citizenship theory.  She has published over 40 articles and chapters, and is the co-author of Selling Diversity: Immigration, Multiculturalism, Employment Equity and Globalization (2002), co-editor of Politics in North America:  Redefining Continental Relations (2008) and editor of Gendering the Nation-State: Canadian and Comparative Perspectives (2008).

Dr. Nelson Wiseman


Nelson Wiseman, an associate professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto, is a specialist in Canadian government and politics. In 2009, Choice designated his book, In Search of Canadian Political Culture, as an Outstanding Academic Title. A columnist for The Hill Times, Canada's politics and government newsweekly, he has appeared as an invited witness at the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee and the House of Commons Procedure and House Affairs Committee. In 2010, he authored an invited brief for the U. K. House of Lords Select Committtee on the Constitution. His most recent academic articles are "The American Imprint on Alberta Politics," Great Plains Quarterly (2011) and "The Quest for a Quebec Constitution," American Review of Canadian Studies (2010).



Dr. Denise Helly

  Denise Helly has been a senior researcher at Institut National de Recherche Scientifique, a division of Université du Québec, since 1994. She has a PhD in anthropology (La Sorbonne, 1975), and has also studied sociology, political science and sinology. She is a specialist on national and ethnic minorities, citizenship, nationalism, policies of cultural pluralism, multiculturalism, and immigration, discrimination, Islam in the West, and state-religion relationships. She has made several surveys on the integration of immigrants in Quebec, published 10 books and numerous articles on topics such as Chinese Overseas, national minorities in China, Chinese in Canada, Canadian multiculturalism, the history of ideas of citizenship and nation, Québec policy towards ethnocultural minorities, and Muslims in Canada. More recently, she joined European research teams in studying the status of Muslims in Europe.


Dr. Micheline Labelle

  Micheline Labelle is professor emerita of Sociology at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). She was co-director of the Concordia-UQAM Chair in Ethnic Studies and held UQAM's Research Chair on Immigration, Ethnicity and Citizenship. She has published extensively on issues and public policies related to diversity, citizenship, racism, nationalism and transnationalism. She was invited by UNESCO to take part in the elaboration of the Action Plan of the International Coalition of Cities Against Racism and Discrimination. She served on the boards of UQAM's Institut d'études internationals de Montrèal, Quebec's Conseil des relations interculturelles, the International Association for Quebec Studies and on the sectoral Commission on Human, Social and Natural Sciences of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO. Dr. Labelle was the first recipient of SSHRC's Thérèse Casgrain Award (1989) and a recipient of the Homage Award (2015) presented by Quebec's Commission des droits de la person et des droits de la jeunesse in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Quebec's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Dr. John Lehr

  John Lehr is Professor of Geography in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Winnipeg. His areas of specialty include: Historical geography, Western Canada, Music and Geography, Symbolic Landscapes, and Israel. His research interests include Ukrainian settlement in western Canada, Ukrainian settlements in South America, communal settlements in Canada and Israel, and Provincial parks in Manitoba.

Dr. Lori Wilkinson


Lori Wilkinson is an Associate Dean in the Faculty of Arts and an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Manitoba. She specializes in immigration and refugee studies. She is currently the Chair of the Policy, Ethics and Professional Concerns Committee of the Canadian Sociological Association, Vice President of the Canadian Ethnic Studies Association and the Economic and Labour Market Domain Leader for the Prairie Metropolis Centre.


Assistant to the Editor

Claire Hutchinson

  Claire Hutchinson, M.A., has worked in an administrative capacity at the University of Manitoba for 10 years. She taught English Composition at the University for three years. Currently, Claire is the writer of 19 screenplays and three plays. She was commissioned to write a WWII documentary script, "For the Love of Freedom", for Producer/Director Jeffrey Worthington of Worthington Media, from New Mexico, USA.

Founded in 1969, our fully refereed, interdisciplinary journal is devoted to the study of ethnicity, immigration, inter-group relations, and the history and cultural life of ethnic groups in Canada. Issues also include book and film reviews, opinions, immigrant memoirs, translations of primary sources, an "ethnic voices" section, and an annual index. The journal is published three times a year and is the official publication of the Canadian Ethnic Studies Association.