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Sociology Graduate Students Caucus (SGSC)

Submitted by sandra.grills2 on Tue, 03/22/2016 - 2:58pm

2018 / 2019 SGSC Positions

Alicia Clifford

Amanda Davis

Presentation Representatives: (COSEP and Writing Workshop) Coordinators: 
COSEP - Dixie Baum
Writing Workshop - Negin Saheb Javaher

Graduate Studies Committee Representatives: 
Caroline Claussen and Taylor Davison

Graduate Students Association Representative: 

Communications Committee Representative: 
Daniel Stefulic

Social Representative: 
Jane Scalf and Brody Trottier

Graduate Student Research Symposium Coordinators (GSRS): 
Hamid Akbary and Martine Dennie

Equity Awareness Representatives: 
Chanin Seeger

The Department of Sociology houses the Sociology Graduate Students Caucus (SGSC), to which all sociology graduate students are automatically members.

The aims of the SGSC are:

  1. To promote a sense of community and facilitate communication amongst graduate students in the Department of Sociology.
  2. To provide an organizational framework for graduate student activities.
  3. To offer a means of representation for sociology graduate students with the department and the university community.

The SGSC conducts monthly meetings to keep sociology graduate students informed of relevant issues, important events, and department business. The SGSC serves as a go-between for students and the Department, and is involved in planning social events for graduate students.

Each year in September, the members of the SGSC elect students to sit on various departmental and University committees, and to act as the SGSC Executive. The SGSC Executive is made up of the Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, and one representative each from the Graduate Studies Committee, Social Committee, and Graduate Students Association.

The SGSC constitution can be found here, and descriptions and duties of the SGSC subcommittees can be found here.

More information on the Graduate Students Association (GSA) can be found here.

The SGSC also maintains a small library for graduate student use, and has a selection of electronic research equipment available for student use.  

For more information on the SGSC and its committees contact: