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2012-2013 Presentation Seminars and Writing Workshops

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Graduate Contact Information

For general inquiries with respect to the Graduate Program, please contact Ines Kubicek, Graduate Program Administrator. For specific admission inquiries, please contact Dr. Fiona Nelson, Graduate Program Director.

Ines Kubicek
Telephone: (403) 220-6501
Fax: (403) 282-9298

Graduate Program Director:
Dr. Fiona Nelson
Telephone: (403) 220-5267
Fax: (403) 282-9298

Our mailing address is:

Department of Sociology
University of Calgary
2500 University Drive N.W.
Calgary , Alberta
T2N 1N4

We are located in the Social Sciences Building on the east side of the University of Calgary campus.

Sociology Graduate Student Caucus Scholarly Presentation Seminar & Writing Workshop Fall 2012 Schedule

1.       September 13, 2012: How to Run a Tutorial (P)

Face your pre-tutorial jitters by attending this session and learning some valuable tips on how to run a tutorial. Join us as a couple of stellar TAs provide you with some insight on how to run a classroom, what to actually do for labs, how to grade papers and exams and how to meet with students. 

Presenters: Crystal Hincks and Kenneth Blades

2.       September 20, 2012: What You Want, What You Get, and Rules of the Game (W)
In this opening session, we’ll identify students’ goals and objectives for participating in the workshops.  We will discuss how to effectively respond to each others’ writing, how to request feedback from the group, and how to react to other people’s responses to your writing. Participants will be invited to volunteer pieces of writing to review and suggest topics for subsequent sessions.


3.       September 27, 2012: An Introduction to ‘How to Give Feedback’ (P)

This session will focus on how to give valuable and constructive feedback to presenters. You will learn the “rules of the feedback game” by going over a few different presentation styles: a poster presentation, a round table and a PowerPoint presentation.

Presenters: Alicia Polacheck, Chris Esselmont and Kristen Desjarlais-deKlerk

4.       October 4, 2012: Peer Review of the One Page Research Proposal Scholarship Application (W)

It can be very challenging to summarize your entire research project in one or two pages and convince potential funders that you will be successful in carrying it out and that it deserves to be funded. In this session, we will discuss the criteria used in evaluating proposals and the group will review each others’ proposals. This is your opportunity to receive immediate and objective feedback on your one page research proposal before submitting it to CIHR or SSHRC.


5.       October 11, 2012: How to give a Powerful PowerPoint Presentation (P)

Come and learn how to give a snazzy yet professional PowerPoint presentation. This session will include an attention grabbing example of a PowerPoint presentation as well as a how-to guide on constructing your own.

Presenters: Nilima Sonpal-Valias and Kiara Okita

6.       October 18, 2012: How and Why we Cite and Quote (W)

In this session, we’ll examine the role of citation and quotation in scholarly work, discuss guidelines for deciding when you need to cite and how to do it, and address the topic of plagiarism.


7.       October 25, 2012: Junk the Jargon (P)

There will be times when you are required to give a presentation that is oriented to a different discipline or to a non-academic audience. Come and learn how to give a presentation that still allows you to disseminate your work but that will be well-received and understood by any audience.

Presenters: Jyoti Gondek

8.       November 1, 2012: Introductions and Conclusions (W)

In this session, we will discuss how to handle wiriting introductions and conclusions, often the most difficult parts of a paper to write.


9.       November 8, 2012: Criminology Week (P)

Your feedback is important and wanted! Please come and get involved during this showcase week by supporting your colleagues and providing them with some open, honest and valuable feedback as they prepare to attend the Annual Criminology meetings.

Presenters: Chris Esselmont and Tamara Nerlien

10.   November 15, 2012: "We Want You": Effective Recruitment Strategies and Posters (W)

In this session, we will discuss effective ways to recruit respondents for research projects.


11.   November 22, 2012: Connecting the Disconnected (P)

This session is designed to demonstrate the connection between bodies of work. At various seminars, discussants are often used as a way to facilitate discussion and demonstrate the connection between different presentations. This session will allow you to hone those skills and to further learn how to produce a presentation that fits the topic at hand.

Presenters: Patty Thille and Jason Ponto

12.   December 6, 2012: Writing Abstracts: Getting Ready for CSA and SSSP (W)
Everybody knows that abstracts are short, but what is the essential information that should be included? Sometimes journals or conferences specify key components and sometimes not. In this session, we will discuss how to write abstracts for papers and conferences, how to do so if you’ve already written the paper and how to do so if you haven’t. We’ll also offer peer review of students’ abstracts that have been drafted for submission to the upcoming CSA and SSSP conferences.


13.   December 13, 2012: Rewind and Review (P)

Come and join us as previous presenters come and share how the feedback they received over the semester helped them gain confidence and hone their presentation skills.

Presenters: Upcoming

Sociology Graduate Student Caucus Scholarly Presentation Seminar & Writing Workshop Winter 2013 Schedule

1.   January 17 2013: Peer Review of Abstracts: Getting Ready for CSA and SSSP (Part 2) (W)

Continuing on from our December 6th session, we will be offering peer review of abstracts for students’ abstracts. Bring 5 copies of your abstract for peer review and three prizes of $50 each (towards travel to a conference) will be peer awarded for the three top abstracts.

2.   January 24 2013: Media Relations Training (P)

Please join us as two members from the media relations team give us some tips on how to talk to the media about our research.

3.   February 7 2013: How to Write a Lit Review (W)

After reading everything you find related to your topic, it can be challenging trying to figure out how to pull it all together in the form of a review of the literature relevant to your topic and research question. We’ll look at several strategies that may be used to organize readings the basic body of a literature review.


4.   February 14, 2013: The three-minute thesis (P)

Who doesn’t enjoy a competition where graduate students streamline their own theses elevator talks? This semester, GSA has arranged a University-wide three minute thesis competition complete with PRIZES! Yes, real prizes, not Cracker Jack prizes (although these might also be available for your edification!). Possibly things you even want! Also, eternal bragging rights, and the ability to insert this on your CV. Still not sold? Well we think it would be epically epic if one of our students managed to cinch a win. This session is a practice session to utilize real 3 Minute Thesis judging criteria. Come out and try your hand at the ever-elusive elevator talk while minimizing jargon and maximizing effectiveness.

5.   February 28, 2013: GSRS Practice (P)

With the upcoming GSRS Symposium, we thought this would be a great opportunity for those 2nd+ year grad students to practice their presentations for the symposium. Please come out and support your fellow colleagues as they hone their presentation skills.

Presenters: Nazario Robles Bastida , Brian Hansen and Marcus Plottel

6.   March 21 2013: How to Pick a Journal and Thinking about Writing a Journal Article (W)

For many of us, having work published in an academic journal is critical to our careers. After spending so much time collecting data, analyzing it, writing a thesis or a paper, it can be difficult trying to figure out how to decide where (and how) to submit it. We’ll look at some of the factors that may be considered in trying to figure out if and where to publish your work.


7.   April 4 2013: Cover Letters, Vitae and Resumes (W)

In 602/702, we looked at how to prepare CVs and resumes in the abstract. We’ll review some of this, as well as discuss the purpose of these documents. You are invited to bring in a draft of your cover letter, vitae or resume for peer review and feedback.