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Publications - 2017


‘Afterword: Global Hunger as Performance*.’ in Anastasia Ulanowicz and Manisha Basu eds.,The Aesthetics and Politics of Global Hunger.

Banerjee, Pallavi and Ray, Ranita in

An Introduction to Statistics for Canadian Social Scientists: Third Edition

Michael Haan and Godley, Jenny

Burnout, Coping and Suicidal Ideation: An Application and Extension of the Job Demand-Control-Support Model

Wallace, Jean

Chinese Techno-Immigrants in Western Canada

Wong, Lloyd and Froschauer, Karl in Wong, Lloyd (ed.) Trans-Pacific Mobilities: The Chinese and Canada

Colonial Encounters in the Classroom: Adult Educators Making Sense of Inuit Resistance to Schooling

McLean, Scott

Developing domestic violence primary prevention capacity through a community of practice approach: Learnings from Alberta, Canada.

Claussen, Caroline, Wells, L.M., Aspenlieder, L. and Boutilier, S.

Discounted Labour? Disaggregating Care Work in Comparative Perspective.

Lightman, Naomi

From Territory to Human Resources: A History of Colonial Adult Education in the Central Arctic

McLean, Scott

Golden Years or Retirement Fears? The Rise of Private Pension Inequality for Canada’s Immigrants

Curtis, Josh and Lightman, Naomi

How Ward Attending Physicians Negotiate the Complex Work Environment: A Collective Ethnography

Lemaire, J.B., Wallace, Jean, Sargious, P.M., Bacchus, M., Zarnke, K., Ward, D.R. and Ghali, W.A.

“Immigrant Skill Utilization: Trends and Policy Issues.” In V. Esses and D. Abelson (eds). Taking Stock of a Turbulent Period and Looking Ahead: Immigration to North America in the Early Years of the Twenty-First Century. McGill-Queen’s University Press.

Reitz, Jeffrey, Curtis, Josh and Elrick, Jennifer

Oncologist Burnout and Compassion Fatigue: Investigating Time Pressure at Work as a Predictor and the Mediating Role of Work-Family Conflict

Wallace, Jean and Kleiner, S.

Race, Language or Length of Residency? Explaining Unequal Uptake of Government Pensions in Canada

Curtis, Josh, Dong, Weizhen, Lightman, Naomi and Parbst, Matthew

Review of Kim Scipes (ed.), Building Global Labor Solidarity in a Time of Accelerating Globalization, Chicago, Haymarket Books. 2016. Global Labour Journal Vol. 8, No. 3 (September 2017): 244-247.

Langford, Tom

Seniors’ Health in the GTA: How Immigration, Language, and Racialization Impact Seniors’ Health

Um, Seong-gee and Lightman, Naomi
Image of Social Policy in Canada – 2nd Edition

Social Policy in Canada – 2nd Edition

Lightman, Ernie and Lightman, Naomi

Social Problems: A Canadian Perspective, 4th Ed

Tepperman, Lorne and Curtis, Josh

The ‘Migrant in the Market’: Care Penalties and Immigration in Eight Liberal Welfare Regimes

Lightman, Naomi

The Moral Economy of Health Technology Assessment: An Empirical Qualitative Study

Ducey, Ariel, Ross, Sue, Pott, Terilyn and Thompson, Carmen

Understanding Social Inequality: Intersections of Class, Age, Gender, Ethnicity, and Race in Canada, 3rd Ed.

McMullin, Julie and Curtis, Josh

Would You Say You Did the Right Thing? Recollections on Witnessing a Suicide from the Perspectives of Two Security Officers

Manzo, John
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