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Participating in the Program

Submitted by sandra.grills2 on Mon, 03/21/2016 - 11:12am

Undergraduate Contact Information

Undergraduate Studies Director: 
Dr. Ariel Ducey

Undergraduate Program Advisor:

Law and Society Program Coordinator: 
Dr. Ted McCoy

Sociology Students’ Association:

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Participating in the Program

How can undergraduates participate in the Department of Sociology?

Students routinely participate in the Department of Sociology by:

  • joining the Sociology Students' Association (Room 937 in the Social Sciences Building)
  • acting as undergraduate representatives at Department meetings
  • acting as members on the Undergraduate Studies Committee
  • presenting your research at the annual Undergraduate/Honours Summit in April
  • attending the lecture series sponsored by the Committee on Scholarly Events and Publications (COSEP)
  • participating in U of C 101
  • participating in Open House and Majors Day
  • working as research assistants on faculty projects
  • attending field schools (Urban Field School, Crime and Disorder Field School)
  • participating in Term Abroad Programs, and integrating these international experiences into your programs