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Undergraduate Contact Information

Undergraduate Studies Director: 
Dr. Ariel Ducey

Undergraduate Program Advisor:

Law and Society Program Coordinator: 
Dr. Ted McCoy

Sociology Students’ Association:

Red Deer College

Faculty of Arts Collaborative Programs at Red Deer College Campus

The Department of Sociology has been involved with the Faculty of Arts Collaborative Programs at Red Deer College campus since 1997. The program enables students to complete a University of Calgary BA degree while remaining at Red Deer College.

Students enrol in a two-year transfer program through Red Deer College , and then complete the third and fourth years of their program by taking University of Calgary courses taught at Red Deer College. A number of sociology faculty have participated in this program, as have a number of students. The advantages for students are huge: not only do they receive a University of Calgary degree but they are able to obtain that degree in the comfort of Red Deer College . Likewise, the program offers faculty a chance to teach in a smaller institutional setting.

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Two-Year University Transfer Program

Red Deer College offers the first two years of these degree programs: 

1. Bachelor of Arts
2. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) 

Four-Year Degree Completion

Years three and four of a University of Calgary Bachelor of Arts Sociology major degree can be completed on the campus of Red Deer College.