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Reader Hours

Inputting Reader/Invigilation Hours Job Aid

Login to your My U of C account, select All about me -> Report Time

Now, find the date on which you worked and enter the number of hours you worked, rounded up to the nearest hour.

Then, from the drop down menu for Time Reporting Code, select MRD - Marking, Reading, Demonstrator

Once you have selected MRD – Marking, Reading, Demonstrator, scroll over to the right, and enter the correct combo code  for reader hours and exam invigilation (000018486).  The Fund Code, Department and Account numbers will auto populate.


Click Submit

If everything is entered correctly you will see the confirmation below.

Select OK and continue following instructions below.

Click on the word bubble under comments.


Enter the details of your work, including the professor’s name and course information.

Select OK to finish.