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Graduate Student Research Symposium (GSRS)

Submitted by sandra.grills2 on Mon, 09/19/2016 - 9:20am

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Graduate Student Research Symposium



The Sociology graduate students at the University of Calgary host the Graduate Student Research Symposium (GSRS) as part of the Sociology Graduate Student Caucus mandate. Starting in 2004, the symposium is interdisciplinary with graduate students presenting from Sociology, Nursing, Engineering, History, Communications, Military Studies, Business, Environmental Design, Social Work, and Education, with a range of topics including gender, theory, technology, culture, health and health care, religion, immigration, crime and deviance, and urban planning.

As an interdisciplinary conference ran by graduate students for graduate students, this student conference provides a wide range of opportunities for student learning such as writing an abstract for conference submission, practicing presenting at a conference, networking with peers within and outside of their discipline, experiencing and providing peer support, and furthering their research development by receiving meaningful feedback from peers and professors who attend the GSRS.

Moreover, the presentation of research enables the learning of the attendees as they will learn how others engage in research, such as data collection and analysis, new ideas and information, the integration of theory, the significance of the research, and taking notes on presentation styles.

Further, by practicing public speaking, this helps graduate students build confidence for speaking in front of an audience, explaining ideas, and answering questions, and thus furthers their teaching skills for both their teaching assistantships and future teaching work.

Finally, we would like to thank all of our sponsoring departments who have made donations to our event for either (or including) 2015, 2016, and 2017 GSRS: Political Science, Psychology, Environmental Design, Centre for Military, Security, and Strategic Studies, Anthropology and Archaeology, and History. These sponsorships enable us to purchase items for the event such as printing programs, banners, and notebooks, and keep the GSRS as a free, interdisciplinary event for graduate students. The Sociology Graduate Student Caucus thanks you for your support and donations. 




Be on the look out for our Call for Abstracts for the 14th Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium for March 2018       








Thank you again to Erica Wiebe for an incredible
Keynote Address for the 13th Annual Graduate Student
Research Symposium!