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We gratefully thank the following donors to the Sociology Professors' Doctoral Entrance Scholarship endowed fund (not including recent donations):

Anonymous (6)

Michael Adorjan

Kristin Atwood

Daniel Béland

Carol Berenson

Augustine Brannigan

Rebecca Carter

Viola Cassis

Dean Curran

Department of Sociology Fund

Chris Doran

Ariel Ducey

Asghar Fathi (deceased)

Arthur Frank

Erin Gibbs Van Brunschot

Rebecca Godderis

Jenny Godley

Elaine Grandin

Judith Grossman

Bernadette Hayes

Harry Hiller

Jarmila Horna

Harvey Krahn

George (deceased) and Susannah Kurian

Ron Laliberte

Tom Langford

Jason Laurendeau

Zhiqiu Lin

Eugen Lupri

Thomas Lynch

Amal Madibbo

John Manzo

Evelyn McCallen

Liza McCoy

Kevin McQuillan

Lynn Meadows

Jana Metcalfe Crooks

Leslie Miller

Fiona Nelson

Chris O'Connor

Matt Patterson

David Pevalin

Rick Ponting

Gillian Ranson

Bill Reeves

Bob Stebbins

Carmen Tym

Glenda Wall

Richard Wanner

Lloyd Wong


Contributions are welcome at any time and will receive a charitable tax receipt from the University of Calgary. As of September 2019, the endowment was approximately $92,000. Our goal over the next several years is to build the endowment to $200,000. Thank you for your contribution!