Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to Please ensure your documents are properly formatted by first reading the Submissions Guidelines (see below). 

Once a manuscript is received and under consideration by the Journal of Comparative Family Studies, authors are not permitted to submit their manuscript elsewhere.



 Initial manuscript submissions to JCFS require the following:

***An up-to-date email address that you check regularly. Authors that do not respond to deadlines will be rejected. ***

 1) The following DOCUMENTS which must be formatted as a MS WORD docx. file. NO PDF or other file formats.  Please use a LEFT margin. SUBMIT EACH AS A SEPARATE FILE.

 A)    TITLE page with article title, author name/s, educational level and affiliation with complete postal mailing address, telephone number, and email address for EACH author.

B)  ABSTRACT (English) of approximately 250 words (with title at top).

 C)    MANUSCRIPT, properly formatted as per guidelines listed below (with title at top).

 ONLY DOCUMENTS PREPARED IN MS WORD WILL BE ACCEPTED. Alternate software that converts to MS Word is not compatible with our publication process.

 2) Manuscripts should be no longer than 30 pages maximum double-spaced, excluding tables and figures.), line spacing 1-1/2”, one-sided, Times New Roman font, Size 12.5. We require a blank line space between each paragraph, heading/subheading, and reference.  

*Please note length limits are strictly enforced.

 Style: MAIN headings in UPPER-CASE, bold lettering and centered. Sub-Headings are in bold and lower-case, at left margin. Subset headings in Italics, not bold, left margin.

 3) Footnotes must be placed at bottom of each corresponding page. Appendices should be at the end of the article, and on a SEPARATE page. URLs must appear in References only. No embedded hyperlinks. As per APA Style, use footnotes sparingly.

 4) EACH Table and Figure must be camera ready, laser printer quality, and EACH on a SEPARATE page placed AFTER the References. PLEASE STATE the exact location within the text where the table belongs (i.e., Table 2 about here, Figure 1 about here).

 Note: The Journal is published in black and white ONLY. Do not use colour. REMOVE ALL SHADING, BACKGROUND COLOUR FROM URLs AND CROSS-REFERENCE SHADING from manuscript.

5) Authors are responsible to check special symbols or codes used in Tables/Figures as these might change if saved in another edition or format of MS Word .docx.

 6) REFERENCES: Each reference must be cited within the text, and vice versa, single-spaced. NO indentations, left aligned margin only, with one blank line between each reference. Follow the American Psychological Association (APA) reference style guide (except please follow #3 above for ALL Footnotes and URLs). For information on APA Editorial Style, please go to

Format of CITATIONS within the TEXT:

 ►ALL citations are to be identified at an appropriate point within the text by using the last name of author and year of publication. The following examples illustrate the style:

 "…of children (Yin and Casey, 1983)," or "Lewin (2006) and Stake et al., (2005)….”

 ►Multiple citations should be cited in alphabetical order.

 "Earlier studies (Abbott, 2006; Forge, 2004; Hunt and Wolcott, 2002; Yong, 2000)….”


 List ALL references in alphabetical order. Use the following example style:

 Drobniĉ, S. (2003). Ties between lives: Dynamics of employment patterns of spouses. In W.R. Heinz and V.W. Marshall, (Eds.), Social Dynamics of the Life Course (pp. 259-278). New York: Aldine de Gruyter.

 Heinz, W.R. (ed.). (1991). The Life Course and Social Change: Comparative Perspectives. Weinheim: Deutscher Studien Verlag.

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