University of Calgary

Research Interests

NameResearch Interests
Photograph of Michael AdorjanMichael AdorjanChildren and Youth, Methodologies, Qualitative Methods, Criminology and Deviance
Photograph of Hamid AkbaryHamid AkbaryRace and Ethnicity, Sex and Gender, Immigration, Multiculturalism
Photograph of Pallavi BanerjeePallavi BanerjeeGlobalization and Development, Family, Qualitative Methods, Immigration, Theory, Sex and Gender
Photograph of Alex BiermanAlex BiermanQuantitative Methods, Health, Illness and Medicine, Aging and the Life Course
Photograph of Augustine BranniganAugustine BranniganGenocide, Criminology and Deviance, Social Psychology, Sociology of Science
Photograph of Dean CurranDean CurranTheory, Social Inequality and Social Justice, Political Economy
Photograph of Josh CurtisJosh CurtisQuantitative Methods, Political Economy, Aging and the Life Course, Work and Occupations, Social Inequality and Social Justice
Photograph of Ariel DuceyAriel DuceyPolitical Economy, Theory, Health, Illness and Medicine, Work and Occupations
Photograph of Stephen DumasStephen DumasCriminology and Deviance
Photograph of Arthur W. FrankArthur W. FrankTheory, Health, Illness and Medicine, Sociology of the body
Photograph of James FrideresJames FrideresRace and Ethnicity, First Nations, Immigration
Photograph of Erin Gibbs Van BrunschotErin Gibbs Van BrunschotCriminology and Deviance
Photograph of Jenny GodleyJenny GodleySocial Networks, Quantitative Methods, Aging and the Life Course, Sex and Gender, Methodologies, Health, Illness and Medicine, Demography
Photograph of Valerie HainesValerie HainesSocial Networks, Theory, Health, Illness and Medicine
Photograph of Harry HillerHarry HillerDemography, Urban Sociology and Social Movements
Photograph of Madeline KalbachMadeline KalbachImmigration, Race and Ethnicity, Multiculturalism
Photograph of Abdie KazemipurAbdie KazemipurSocial Inequality and Social Justice, Theory, Quantitative Methods, Multiculturalism, Race and Ethnicity, Immigration
Photograph of Kirsten KramarKirsten KramarSocial Inequality and Social Justice, Criminology and Deviance, Theory, Law & Society
Photograph of Tom LangfordTom LangfordPolitical Economy, Social Inequality and Social Justice, Globalization and Development, Urban Sociology and Social Movements
Photograph of Naomi LightmanNaomi LightmanWork and Occupations, Immigration, Quantitative Methods, Social Inequality and Social Justice
Photograph of John ManzoJohn ManzoQualitative Methods, Criminology and Deviance, Methodologies, Culture
Photograph of Liza McCoyLiza McCoyWork and Occupations, The Social Organization of Knowledge, Immigration, Sociology of the body, Qualitative Methods
Photograph of Ted McCoyTed McCoyCriminology and Deviance, Social Inequality and Social Justice, Work and Occupations, First Nations
Photograph of Scott McLeanScott McLeanCulture, Globalization and Development
Photograph of Kevin McQuillanKevin McQuillanFamily, Demography
Photograph of Leslie MillerLeslie MillerTheory, Sociology of the body, Family, Methodologies
Photograph of Fiona NelsonFiona NelsonSex and Gender, Family, Children and Youth
Photograph of Matt PattersonMatt PattersonTheory, Culture, Urban Sociology and Social Movements
Photograph of J. Rick PontingJ. Rick PontingRace and Ethnicity, First Nations
Photograph of Nazario Robles BastidaNazario Robles BastidaUrban Sociology and Social Movements, Culture, Qualitative Methods, Theory, Social Psychology, Methodologies
Photograph of Mojtaba RostamiMojtaba RostamiCriminology & Deviance, Social Psychology
Photograph of Robert StebbinsRobert StebbinsWork and Occupations, Race and Ethnicity, Sport, Leisure
Photograph of Annette TézliAnnette TézliSocial Inequality and Social Justice, Qualitative Methods, Methodologies
Photograph of Cora VoyageurCora VoyageurFirst Nations, Sex and Gender, Globalization and Development, Work and Occupations
Photograph of Jean WallaceJean WallaceFamily, Sex and Gender, Methodologies, Work and Occupations, Health, Illness and Medicine
Photograph of Richard WannerRichard WannerQuantitative Methods, Immigration, Social Inequality and Social Justice, Work and Occupations
Photograph of Lloyd WongLloyd WongImmigration, Globalization and Development, Race and Ethnicity
Photograph of Kevin YoungKevin YoungSex and Gender, Criminology and Deviance, Qualitative Methods, Sport, Health, Illness and Medicine
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