University of Calgary

Impact of a farmer's market nutrition coupon programme on diet quality and psychosocial well-being among low-income adults: protocol for a randomised controlled trial and a longitudinal qualitative investigation.


Aktary, M.L.
Caron-Roy, S.
Sajobi, T.
O'Hara, H.
Leblanc, P.
Dunn, S.
McCormack, G.R.
Timmins, D.
Ball, K.
Downs, S.
Minaker, L.M.
Nykiforuk, C.
Jenny Godley
Milaney, K.
Lashewicz, B.
Fournier, B.
Elliott, C.
Raine, K.D.
Prowse, R.
Olstad, D.
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