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Congratulations to doctoral candidate Jyoti for receiving award

Jyoti Gondek recently received the student component of the Angus Reid Practitioner of Sociology Award.

First as a Masters student and now as a doctoral candidate in the Sociology Department, Jyoti has defined community engagement in a way few others have. While there is often much discussion on what “community engagement” truly means, Jyoti has always undertaken to ensure communities understand what sociology involves, why it is done and how it can help communities. 

Her concerted effort to “bring sociology to the people” has resulted in a number of commissioned reports that introduce a sociological perspective to the communities and organizations that have been fortunate enough to have her insight and help. Jyoti’s efforts have recently been recognized in her appointment as Citizen-at-Large for the Calgary Planning Commission – a testament to her success at community and civic engagement.

Jyoti’s research interests are urbanization, urban-rural hybridity, urban development, stakeholder relations, public engagement and corporate social responsibility. In many ways, these substantive interests could be subsumed under the larger category of “bridging” and/or “transferring” the sometimes-wide divide between the “real world” and academia. 

As the principal of her own research firm, Tick Consulting, Jyoti’s efforts to bring sociology to a range of community stakeholders has worked to reaffirm the relevance of sociology for a public that can only benefit from what sociology has to offer.

Jyoti is the type of publicist that Sociology increasingly needs. The department is fortunate to have her around and Jyoti’s contributions serve all sociologists exceptionally well.  

Congratulations Jyoti for an award well deserved.