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Mabel Teye-Kau received the 2018/2019 DL Mills Award

The paper, entitled: “Ethnic and religious determinants of the age at first sexual intercourse among Ghanaians” was based on the Ghanaian Demographic and Health Survey from 2014, which Mabel downloaded from the Inter-University Consortium on Political and Social Research (ICPSR) at the University of Michigan. In the paper, Mabel demonstrates that ethnicity and religion both affect age at first sexual intercourse among Ghanaians, net of other socio-demographic characteristics (including socio-economic status, operationalized using education and household wealth), and that gender moderates these relationships. Mabel presented the paper at the University of Calgary’s Graduate Research Symposium here in Calgary, and at the Canadian Population Society Conference in Vancouver this summer. A revised version of the paper has been submitted for publication. This paper forms part of the background analyses for Mabel’s dissertation, which will involve a mixed-methods exploration of the effect of the modernization of the ‘Dipo’ rite of passage on young Krobo women’s sense of identity and sexual behavior in Ghana.