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Professor Jean Wallace receives Exemplary Graduate Administrative Support Award

Professor Jean Wallace, a superbly efficient administrator

Graduate school can be a challenging time in students’ lives, yet these experiences can be much more easily navigated with the help of a caring and supportive Grad Director. In the Department of Sociology, Professor Jean Wallace is just that person. The Graduate Students' Association has recently recognized Jean's efforts with the 'Graduate Administrative Support Award'.

To support graduate students well, any graduate program needs to be administered efficiently. Jean is not only a superbly efficient administrator, but she has initiated programs aimed at core academic needs (helping students write through the twice monthly Graduate Student Writing Workshop, as well as present their work through monthly Scholarly Presentation Seminars); and has addressed students’ financial needs by creating new funding opportunities. Of equal, if not greater, importance is Jean’s support of and care for graduate students:

“Her smiling face, can-do attitude, and sheer optimism provided reassurance and hope for a particularly anxious cohort of Masters and PhD students. She encouraged us daily and tried to make our transitions into the program as smooth as possible while helping us to remember our own competencies and what got us into the program in the first place.”

“She empowered us to raise concerns and encouraged us to openly discuss things we felt important to the student body, including greater professional socialization and training around presentations and academic writing.”

“Our department would not be the same without her hard work, perseverance, and unfaltering commitment!”

“Grad students head to her office looking frazzled and upset … emerging some time later looking relieved, ready to face the rest of their day, and often sharing a laugh with Jean over something funny that she said to help cheer them up.”

“Jean’s dedication to ensuring that the graduate students’ interests have a voice within the department has been enthusiastic and unflagging.  The graduate student experience in the department would be diminished without her hard work.”

On behalf of the entire Department of Sociology, congratulations and thanks to Jean for this well-deserved award.