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United Way MegaDraw Campaign was a huge success

To: All Sociology Faculty, Graduate Students, SSA, and Staff

We are very pleased to report to you that our United Way MegaDraw Campaign was a huge success.  We kept the campaign to tight timelines so as not to interfere too much with student study programs.  This is a way of saying that if we had had more time, much more money could have been raised.

Total funds raised was $843.65 — probably a Department record!

What was a record without a doubt were the number of prizes that were given. Over 50 prizes were available — many with considerable value. There is no doubt that this number of prizes is unprecedented. A list of the prizes and prize winners is posted on the bulletin board just outside the main office.

None of this could have happened without the very hard work of our committee. Knowing that they went door-to-door canvassing for prizes from merchants was very impressive. We especially need to thank Lesley Herd, Johanna Vanneste, Kristen Desjarlais deKlerk, and Pernille Tranholm Goodbrand representing the SSA and the Graduate Student Caucus for their splendid service. We also want to thank all the members of the Department for buying tickets. This was truly a team effort!

Harry Hiller