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Naomi Lightman

  • Associate Professor

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Not currently teaching any courses.

Grants, Awards, Fellowship

      • SSHRC Insight Grant. Precarities and Disparities: Female Immigrant Care Workers Over the Life Course. Principal Investigator. $93,796 (2021-2025). 
      • New Scholar Research Award. Faculty of Arts. University of Calgary. (2021).
      • Peak Scholar in COVID-19 Innovation Excellence Social Impact. Caring Work During the COVID19 Crisis. University of Calgary. (2021). 
      • Canadian Research Data Centre Network and Department of Women and Gender Equality. Immigrant Care Workers in Canada: Transitions, Trajectories, and Intersectional Inequalities. Principal Investigator. $24,930 (2021-2022).
      • SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant. Caring During the COVID19 Crisis: Immigrant Women Working in Long-Term Care in Calgary. Principal Investigator. $24,691 (2020-2021).
      • Thelma Margaret Horte Fellowship in Women and Society. Disparities and Precarities: Retirement-Aged Immigrant Women Care Workers in Calgary. Faculty of Arts, University of Calgary. $10,000 (2020-2021).
      • SSHRC Insight Development Grant. Sorting and Shaping: The Dynamics of Labour Market Exclusion for Female Migrant Care Workers in Canada, 1980-2014. Principal Investigator. $54,148 (2018-2021).
      • Research Fellow, Environics Institute for Survey Research. (2017-2022).
      • SSHRC Insight Grant. Advancing Social Inclusion in Canada's Diverse Communities: Neighbourhood, Regional and National Comparisons. Co-Investigator with Luann Good Gingrich, P.I. $252,949 (2017-2019).
      • Seed Grant. Female Migrant Labour: Developing Indicators of Inclusion. Faculty of Arts, University of Calgary. $2,500 (2017-2018).
      • SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship. Discounted Labour: Quantifying the Social Exclusion of Migrant Care Workers in Comparative Perspective. $81,000 (2015-2017).

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