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Submitted by sandra.grills2 on Mon, 02/08/2016 - 9:59am

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Revised Ethics Application Procedures (November 2007)

Ethical Requirements for Approval of Research with Human Subjects

Undergraduate Honours Theses and Course-based Research

Applications for Undergraduate Honours Thesis research will be reviewed at the Departmental level by the departmental Ethics Committee, except in these cases:
a) where greater-than-minimal risk to participants occurs;
b) where deception is part of the methodology;
c) where a faculty member is a co-applicant/co-investigator.

In these cases, an application should be filed directly with the Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board (CFREB).

Undergraduate course-based applications will also still be reviewed/approved at the departmental level, though the above exceptions also apply.

As is the current practice, graduate course-based applications should go directly to CFREB.

Graduate Masters and Doctoral Research

All graduate research projects, including MA/PhD Thesis/Dissertation projects, need to be approved by the CFREB. Sociology graduate students are no longer required to submit their applications for ethics review to our departmental committee for initial and mandatory pre-screening (a pre-screening that usually included committee requests for modification/revision). Applications by graduate students now go directly to CFREB.

Applications from Sociology graduate students will normally be reviewed by one faculty member (usually a sociologist) selected by the Chair of the CFREB, Dr. Janice Dickin and by Dr. Dickin herself. In most cases institutional ethics approval is granted after a student satisfactorily responds to the questions and suggestions that arise at this point in the process. However, when projects involve greater-than-minimal risk to participants, or the deception of participants, the application is forwarded to the full CFREB. The CFREB meets once per month.

Optional Departmental Review

Graduate students who would like to avail themselves of the expertise of the department's Ethics Committee are welcome to request an informal pre-screening of their application before they submit it to the CFREB. An informal departmental review will result in suggestions rather than requests for mandatory changes. Students are free to act or not act on any suggestions from the members of the departmental committee. Nonetheless, students are strongly advised to obtain feedback from their supervisors before proceeding with a formal submission for approval.