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Publications - 2018


An exploration of the subjective social status construct in patients with acute coronary syndrome.

Tang, K.L., Pilote, L., Behlouli, H., Godley, Jenny and Ghali, W.A.

A Social Network Analysis of Canadian Food Insecurity Policy Actors

McIntyre, Lynn, Jessiman-Perreault, Genevieve, Mah, Catherine and Godley, Jenny

Everyday Discrimination in Canada: Prevalence and Patterns

Godley, Jenny

Experiences of coeliac disease in a changing gluten-free landscape

King, J.A., Kaplan, G.G. and Godley, Jenny

Exploring the Meaning and Experience of Chronic Pain with People Who Live with a Dog: A Qualitative Study

Carr, E.C.J., Wallace, Jean, Onyewuchi., C., Hellyer, P.W. and Kogan, L.

Formats of responsibility: elective surgery in the era of evidence-based medicine

Ducey, Ariel and Nikoo, Shoghi

From Embodied Risk to Embodying Hope: Therapeutic Experimentation and Experiential Information Sharing in a Contested Intervention for Multiple Sclerosis

Mazanderani, Fadhila, Kelly, Jenny and Ducey, Ariel

Gender Theory As Southern Theory

Banerjee, Pallavi and Connell, Raewyn in Risman, Barbara, Froyum, Carissa M and Scarborough, William J Handbook of the Sociology of Gender

“I’m not a Person that Reads:” Identity Work, Adult Learners and Educational (Dis)Engagement

McLean, Scott and Dixit, Jaya

Measuring economic exclusion for racialized minorities, immigrants and women in Canada: results from 2000 and 2010

Lightman, Naomi and Good Gingrich, Luann

Review of Kim Scipes (ed.), Building Global Labor Solidarity in a Time of Accelerating Globalization, Chicago, Haymarket Books. 2016. Global Labour Journal Vol. 8, No. 3: 244-247.

Langford, Tom

Strengthening Sustainability Leadership Competencies through University Internships

Meza Rios, M.M, Herremans, I.H., Wallace, Jean, Althouse, N., Lansdale, D. and Preusser, M.

Subversive Self-Employment: Intersectionality and Self-Employment Among Dependent Visas Holders in the United States

Banerjee, Pallavi

The migrant in the market: Care penalties and immigration in eight liberal welfare regimes

Lightman, Naomi

The Paradox of Compassionate Work: A Mixed-Methods Study of Satisfying and Fatiguing Experiences of Animal Health Care Providers

Wallace, Jean and Polachek, A.J.

The Parents and Children Project: Raising Kids in Canada Today

Ranson, Gillian

The Power of Positive Thinking: A Hidden Curriculum for Precarious Times

McLean, Scott and Dixit, Jaya

‘Want chips?’: Challenges and lessons learned with recruiting adolescent boys and securing parent/guardian consent for a study on masculinity.

Claussen, Caroline

“What Do Visas Have to Do with Parenting? Middle-Class Dependent Visa Holders and Transcultural Parenting.” in Contemporary Parenting and Parenthood: From News Headlines to New Research. Michelle Janning (ed),

Banerjee, Pallavi in
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