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Alex Bierman

  • Associate Professor

Office Hours

(Jan 14 - Apr 14)
(Jan 14 - Apr 14)

Recent Grants

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, 2020-2025.  Distributive Justice in Canada.  $382,940.  (Collaborator with Scott Schieman and Atsushi Narisada, co-P.I.’s).

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, 2018-2020.  The Complexity of the Caregiving Outcomes: Understanding the Role of Social Statuses and Social Resourcesand Resources.  $65,410.  (Co-Investigator with Yeonjung Lee, P.I.).

Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 2014-2019.  Demands and Resources in Work and Family Life: Waves 3-5.  $856,175.  (Co-Investigator with Scott Schieman, P.I.)


Alex Bierman’s research is centered on the study of aging and health, but encompasses a number of additional topics, including social psychology, religion, military sociology, and the family.  This research is united by an interest in how social inequality conditions both exposure to stress and the consequences of stress as individuals age.  Dr. Bierman frequently utilizes advanced methods of longitudinal data analysis in these studies as a means of facilitating a rigorous understanding of the causes and consequences of stress exposure across the life-course.

Dr. Bierman's research has been published in a number of prominent outlets, including journals dedicated to health (Journal of Health and Social Behavior; Social Science and Medicine; Society and Mental Health), aging (The Gerontologist; Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences), religion (Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion; Sociology of Religion), and social psychology (Social Psychology Quarterly).  He also co-edited the second edition of the Handbook of Sociology of Mental Health with Carol Aneshensel and Jo Phelan, and this volume currently has over 450,000 chapter downloads world-wide.  Beginning in 2022, Dr. Bierman will be co-editor of the journal Society and Mental Health, which is published under the aegis of the American Sociological Association and sponsored by the ASA’s Section on the Sociology of Mental Health.

For a complete list of Dr. Bierman's publications, please download his CV, which can be found on the right side of this web page.

Curriculum Vitae


  • PhD - Sociology
    Maryland University, 2007
  • MA - Sociology
    Maryland University, 2002
  • BS - Religious Studies (with honors) and Psychology
    University of Oregon, 1997
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